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Friday, December 17, 2010


As trees wither and leaves fall homeless on the bare footpath that led to our worship house, but when the door of our pastor's villa flips open with young people moving in, You can catch a ear to what must be going inside the room..as you enter the worship room, you are simply tempted to hurry unlacing your shoe and join the gang of young people who have gathered to sing and dance.

We sing, " Good tidings for you, wherever you are,
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year..

It seemed like yesterday that we had done away with our last Christmas song and left for home feeling exhausted and so very full with the goodies we get to eat, and before we realize, Christmas is here again.

The Christmas tree is back to its usual place, with new addition of decorative and lights dazzling the white cotton patches, homes look bright and cozy. And as habitants wait patiently for the carol groups to come and bring the good news, the convoy of messengers walk in the cold December night, chit chatting and talking about how much fun it is.

And I sit to write about Christmas, I feel the hangover from my last nights carol trip!

I would like to come back again..:-)

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