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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On how I Became a Journalist and a blogger

When I finished college, the only thing i was sure about was that I do not want to sit for the orientation nor the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) exam. The only thing I was sure of, was that I did not want to become a teacher ( Not that I hated it but then I could never picture myself becoming one.) No, not even if i were to stay home and do the dishes. I just could not picture myself teaching.
I never realized that I was growing up to be someone who would not plan things but venture and bump into things.But then I always wanted things to work that way.

Few days after my final year exams, I plan to visit my sister in Bangalore along with some friends who were going to look for a job..well my mother always wanted me become a teacher but then I took a chance. I went in for a walk-in -interview in Convergys and yes i got the first job of my life.

Customer Care Officer; that was my first post..of course i had heard a lot of things about Call Centre job(s) but then I wanted to see for myself what was it all about: well guys, it was a good experience..sometimes it helps you to experiment!! It gave a a whole new take in life.

When I got my first salary; I felt proud!

After eight months I come home and see, My dad has applied on behalf of me to intern in this United nation discussion forum called, "Solution Exchange". Though the job seemed monotonous, I managed to pull through in 6 months..I must say, it was worthwhile.

And then came this vacancy for reporters: I did not have a journalism background but then something at the back of my mind kept telling me; Give a try!

Today, I am a year and 3 months and 4 days old and am here: Saraswati Sundas from Thimphu

When I see this byline and I think serious, I recall, the early days of my training sessions where I seated amongst journalism graduates wondered if my English honors degree would do me any good..now when i look back..I wow.

Overtime, I have seen us( myself, Lucky Wangmo, Sonam Pelden), others had already worked with other papers but three of us were the only freshmen( or do we call fresh-women) growing in our profession. So far, Lucky and Sonam has given the paper some very impact stories from the organ donation campaign to raising allowances to educated unemployed youths, they had done their bits..for me: apart from my BBS story that sensationalized the whole issue, the only achievement I can boast of is about my story http://www.businessbhutan.bt/?p=1343 which was unexpectedly nominated for the Media awards.

Deep down, I still feel I can write .I always loved writing and kept telling my college friends that someday I would write a novel..(when), I haven't decided on that but I feel it might just come true..

But for now, I just want to focus and become a good reporter. I must confess- I always regretted not having opted for journalism but now that I have this job, I would. I do not think I have given my 100% so far but then I am trying....Aby sir, avery good inspiration and he has been telling us Business Bhutan reporters to blog and this is my first attempt to be a writer like him..I hope it works!!!

Written on 4th October, 2010


  1. good luck...and hoping to read more.....

  2. hey Sogyel, thank you so much..n i see that you have been blogging since 2008..impressive posts..would be going thru it..

    And Hope to see you coming back..cheers!!! :-)