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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Blues

Another chilly Monday afternoon..the kerosene heater is full on in the Business Bhutan editorial room, the editor's door is closed for sometime now..a meeting is going on inside. Outside in the reporters den, reporter go,

" Badsa.."

" Eka".." "

"Chakka"..it goes on and on..

" I had 25 $ million, "goes our CEO, now " I have 14000 $."

I have listened to Lady Gaga's poker face now I hear of this game called Poker. It sure sounds interesting but then I am not a gaming person. I dunno why, but these games never fascinate me expect the butterfly game which I have been trying to free for the past few weeks and have managed to free only three..still have a long way to go.

It is difficult people. My eye goes go red with the strain that I get after clearing a stage. I must admit, it is addictive.

Shaking it off.. For the past two -three hours I have been trying to write a strap for Seven- this week, it is going to be on 7 reporters of Business Bhutan. Sounds cool right? Just a 100 word summary of what we have learnt in the past one year and I am blank!!!

Reason: Either I have too much to write about or am confused what to write on. Maybe a last minute push from our editor and motivator would help but for now I can think of is writing a post on that.

I realize that I am getting addicted to my blog. I keep thinking on what should I write today, How to maintain it..How to increase my followers and posts and feedbacks.

I have started to love it more than the butterfly game and the long list of movies that i used to watch on when I was doing nothing. I feel like jotting down every time I am idle..and wonder, " Am I, on my baby steps to become a writer?"

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