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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cold weather and sad me

Lazy me, I missed another Sunday service today. Although yesterday I spend half the day in the church, today I spend the whole afternoon sleeping.

Can you imagine, I slept for about 11 hours...mornings are so cold now. Feel like cuddling up and sleeping. But I felt so rejuvenated after a hectic Saturday afternoon but mom would not understand that. She kept telling me that I slept all afternoon. I get one day to sleep and that also..

I got so angry from inside but then kept quiet. Not that, I wish to do it every time but what do I do when I cannot wake up. I would love to be a early bird and see the sunrise but in vain.

It seems a long time that I have witnessed the breaking of the dawn..oh, how I wish to be in Kalimpong.
I miss the early morning walks and the mist that came drifting by the veranda. And I would leave my doors open while I arranged my bed. I loved the air.

Next, I would find myself walking with a gang of Cluny girls walking down to college, and how we used to chatter everyday to college. We never ran out of talks and laughter. Sometimes, the group used to be so big that taxi drivers and lorry drivers used to shout at us, " You, Girls don't want to get married or what?"

And all we used to do was laugh about it. It would cost us Rs 5 to reach college but the charm we had in walking the stretch from 10th mile to 8th mile was something we did not what to miss out on. We all knew, this were the little things that we would miss later on in our life when we would venture out from college.

I miss the basking in the sun during breaks. The mix of momo and the Aloo Thukpa we used to have for lunch and the add ons. Rs 20 a day, and it used to fill our tummy..it was something gals.

All said and done, three years have passed. All of us are sailing in different boats, some have married and have become mothers, most are teaching, some are doing business, few still studying. All those girls I knew then have now become women. Serious ones!!

As I write, a lot of other memories come in, but then I would like to make it known to them, that i miss them all: Suman Singhal ( We used to call her Suman double), Deepa Bhujel (Skinny), Barsha (Chutki), Ugyen Lhamo ( Little Girl), Sister Shasi ( Our saviour) Yangchen Lhamo( Jerry), Kunzang C. Choden ( Moti), Leki Choden( Aiishh) Diksha Rai( Nakalii), Panna Rai( Nepali Avril), Karma Choden, Deepa Nirola ( Chamba), Barsha Sharma ( Lambu), Rinchen Dema( Th**)

Look at me, I was talking about the cold weather and bad temper, got drifted myself..:-)

Well, guys this is to tell you guys that I miss you all and I love you! I would write more on you guys..I can tell, you all want to go back to those good old days...Me too..!!!

Mom is calling me to do the dishes......gtg!! ( I need gloves)

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