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Thursday, March 10, 2011

One day at the Cremation Ground

As the name suggests, Anyone would have guessed what is coming. Yes, Today morning I was at the Dhuetho of our MD's mother. I had never known her when she were alive but then got to attend her cremation. I was one among many who had come to help the be grieved family.

It was my first time attending a Buddhist cremation and I was curious about the whole affair.

while visitors kept pouring in on our side, on the other end of the crematory a woman was waiting on for fire wood so that they could burn her husband. The man had died this very morning cause of some mouth infection. He was survived by a woman and exactly did not get how many children but his son was there at the edge of the pile of the burning firewood sponsored by others who had come for the same.

While, the monks could be heard reciting prayers, three hearths stood blazing. (As if in competition who would burn faster.)

As many of us stood watching the flames bring down the piles of wood on our side, there were none on that side. It looked empty and unattended. So we decided to walk to that side and pay homage. After some time, the whole of Business Bhutan present there gathered around the fire just talking about what human life is destined for and how everyone who take that place in turns.

On inquiring we found that he was from Samdrup Jongkhar, the same place Ata Tashi was from. As the son fiddled with a long stick poking at the fire, " How strong can he be? I questioned myself. I saw not the slightest sign of tears in his eyes.

We stood there for along time looking at the fire burning and just talking.

But how long, could we stand there, the smoke and the wind made it possible so we drifted away. It took a very long time for the fire to burn down the whole set, we could not have waited till the end. As we led ourselves to have lunch, I peeped from the window just to see the fire still burning and thought to myself, " This is it."

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