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Monday, December 13, 2010


Whether one believes in the hypothesis of the world coming to an end in 2012 or not, one bitter question we can disagree on is; do we even have to wait for the predictions to come true?

This morning, I woke to the death news of somebody I knew. He had fallen off a cliff with his Maruti van (Uncle had given me a lift some years ago). Although I was sad, I could do much rather than praying that his family can gulp down the loss.

Later in the evening, I hear another death story of someone my mother grew up with. He died of a prolonged illness.

This is definitely not the first time I have lost somebody I know but then every time I hear about it, I tend to relate all loose ends.

One might chose to die a natural death or from a prolonged disease. But I am sure; no one would like to have a surprise death. And yes, Death does not come with a notice. It just looms over our head and takes you off-guard.

I have always wondered what would go in the mind of somebody who knows he is dying.

I assume, by the time you realize you are dying, you might not get a chance to even bid farewell to your family and your loved ones. It might just look like any other day in your life; you might have works pending, you might have promised your beloved a surprise and then it suddenly strikes and you lie there helpless: with the death knell seizing your life away.

Your voice will never be heard again, neither your smile bring happiness to your family. All that will be left of you will be memories that will soon be mellowed with other aspects of life.

And even if 2012 doesn’t bring an end, you will at least be a history for your family. It might take a while for your family to balance life with your absence, but they would learn to live with it overtime.

Although we cannot change anything, we all wish that nothing happens to our loved ones; we never have to lose them.

If only we knew when our time on earth is coming to an end, and we could bid farewell to our family and friends. And let them know how much we love them and care. And how much we want to grow old with them.

Never mind, while the whole world is living with it, I think it is okay for God to be so ignorant!!


  1. I sometimes think of Death and wonder how people dying think at the last moment too as you mentioned in the blog... particularly I was thinking of such as thinking of suiside bombers.....

    other thing is that we all no matter who we are such as poor , rich, man, women .... all have to go one day...so no need of being scared of death,just know the fact we all are going one day and thus, be prepared and live the life good...do good for others and nice to others as much as you can...

    In Japan we have a proverb saying "Ichi Go Ichi E". It means as I interpolate, "In one's life, meeting new people is the beginning of departing one day, thus, treat all the meetings in your life preciously".

  2. thank you tamiki for sharing your ideas on what I think..and yes the world revolves around the same philosophy..keep reading!! ;-)