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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I turn a year older

I turn 27 today and the feeling is great. There is nothing unusual about the day apart from the convoy of birthday wishes and the date. It is like any other day.

I turn a year older, an addition to my stay in this world. By rule, I am now supposed be wiser and somber. Moreover, I am now all set to get married. I know that is a bigger concern for my parents but I feel no different then how I felt yesterday.

Of course, I do want to settle down in life, have a family and be a homemaker. But I do not want to hurry and regret it later on. Marriage is a sacred institution and I do not want to take any risks.
Gosh, I know the questions people would be putting across, "when I would tie the knot?" " Am I dating someone?"

And I cannot escape that and who would tell them that I want to take time and wait for the right man. It has been going on for sometime now, but the fear that I will have to be single hasn't really worried me. Maybe it is because I have enough things and people around to keep me occupied. I really haven't given a serious thought. And even if I have, the doubts that I would not be able to manage home and work makes it sound better.

Well, Marriage can wait. I have other things in mind. And on this day, I promise and would strive to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better person and a good reporter first. Others would follow if it has to...Happy Birthday to me!!!


  1. Happy birthday. And you are right, marriage can wait! Be a good daughter first, so that you can be a good wife and then mother...

  2. happy birthday..:)...well just like you mentioned..i was also wondering whether u are dating someone or not when u wrote that u are all set for marriage....anyway........at right time....anything right come you way...:)

  3. Thank you Passu for the support and the advice.You rock!!!
    Sogyel @ : Thank you once again, I realize that you have wished me so many times :-)... meant have reached the age to get married but the worry is who would marry me? Things are very complicated pal..Not an easy thing.But I am glad you are eager ;-), to get married. Lucky girl!!

  4. Somehow I bumped onto your blog and came across an interesting piece that you were trying to rationalize.
    Uhm!!!! "MARRIAGE".
    It has been pretty long time I am married (though I am just few years elder to you; I married as a child..haha) and I am starting to realize the sacredness of it with time. Understanding marriage is (something like) trying to quantify the benefits of "clean" air.
    It is sad that, people tend to take marriage for granted and consider it as another job. Marriage has many functions apart from "biological" and becoming mom and dad. The utmost important thing of marriage is to lead a happy life and let another guy lead happier life.
    You won't realize; when you got married, when you turned into a mom and dad, how you got married. After-all it is the magic of marriage. It all seems too poetic but it is true.
    Good luck.

  5. Thank you Sangay for sharing your bit of story on something that really bothers me a lot. I have always believed in the phrase 'Marriages are made in heaven" and anticipate that some day my prince charming would appear before me. Like many of the girls, I grew up planning so many dreams, only to realize that there are heartaches too.

    Lots of plans got shattered but I am still optimistic, "anything that happens,happens for good." I assume that you have a healthy married life and my best wishes for times to come.

    Thank you for visiting my blog :-)