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Monday, May 16, 2011


Years,months, weeks, days and hours pass by, I continue to live as I am supposed to. I live with a strong feeling that I have overcome it. I had a feeling that I have overcome the pains and boast of being strong. But seems like all those are only to keep me happy.

I know, You are not coming back. No miracles is to happen and this is how things are supposed to be. I don't even know if you thought about me when you lay there," How would I feel"? Did you? You knew it would shatter me. Did you know how long it would live with me?

I can't tell you how long. Is six years not enough to forget someone? So many things have changed around, the places do not look the same anymore, people have changed and even time has changed. I have finished college and am working as a reporter(I assume you know that by now..) Things would have been so much better now that both of us would be earning and we would not have to worry about so many things.

I do not want to complain, I am happy with life. Everything is perfect. The world is moving at its pace and I share a tiny part in that. Work is fun, Our heads are cool and I have good friends. I hardly get time to think about you. I still love travelling. I just came back from Bengaluru (the name has been changed from Bangalore.) Bishnu finished college and is working there. I had fun there, made some new friends.

Life is running fast and I hardly get to look back but yes I miss you. Yesterday was one of those days, I could not stop myself. I do not know what overcame me, I simply wished you were there.

Today, I am back to normal again. Here on my desk trying to figure out how to start for the week. I work for a weekly, you see Mondays are relaxed for us.

You would be happy to know that I still go to the church. It gives me so much peace and keeps me going. I haven't been able to read the Bible as often as I want to. I would do that more regularly soon.

Mom, dad and brothers are fine too. Enos is in class 12 Science( He will be going to college next year and Suraj in 10( He wants to take up science too), their mid term exams are due next month.

I am good. Lost a few kilos because of cold and fever. What about you? I hope you are fine out there. I wanted to ask you, if you miss me?

If you do, all you have to do is hug your pillow and cry...it helps a lot :-)

P:S- I wonder what you would have become.