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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With Love to Aunty :-)

Past two days, Business Bhutanians editorial team is in disappointment.

Reason: Not because Kuensel or other papers has used their story angle or wrote something against them.

Any Guesses?

Because, aunty is closed!

Since the time we have shifted to the TDSC building, aunty has been a savior for us. This lady in her early 40's has become a part of the Business Bhutan team. In fact she can be called a mother to them.

A wholesome meal of rice, meat, vegetable and dal for just Nu 45, is a good deal for reporters like us who is broke by the first week. But the greater plus point is the homely taste and the tinge of love with which she feeds us everyday.

One of the most common of things apart from being the best newspaper team in town, Business Bhutanians would all agree on without a second thought, would be “Auntie’s lunch.”

Aunty has been closed for two days, and people are already going haywire on where to head. Despite plenty of options, the addicted customers of the once Bhutan observer canteen now taken over by Business Bhutan, panic.

Usually, the moment the clock strikes 12:15 P.M, a familiar tone cheers up the reporters who are either transcribing or writing a story for the week.

“Lunch, Lunch,” goes a voice on the third floor. And like a war trumpet blown, the team gathers and marches towards the Zeeling building, and from a distance go, “Aunty, what have you cooked today?"

Every time she answers that question, her customers go," good."

But lately Aunty has been sick and the happy times are gone and we have suddenly realized that when she is closed, we have to think hard about where to head. (Even with a lot of options open, we are always disappointed with our decisions) and we go, " Our Aunty is the best."

We miss the taste and love with which she prepares food for us. We miss the noise we make when we are in her small room in the corner. More over, we miss eating together.

Because when Aunty is closed, we scatter and head in different directions.( That can match our pockets).

It seems like the whole of Business Bhutan team is binded by her food.

We miss you Aunty, " Get Well Soon." It has been long that we have been feeding on momo and koka.

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  1. hey nice one sara.. we do miss her a lot. get well soon.. and we love u :)