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Thursday, January 6, 2011

my date with a minister

It has been almost a decade that I have been skipping breakfast. That was one reason why most of the mornings used to fetch me a good lecture from my mother. The habit which has lead me from my school to college and to work, has had no side effects as of now although mom claims I would face consequences later.

Hmmmm...I will have to see that later but for today even my stomach might have been surprised to receive the first morsel of food( early morning) before the two mugs of hot plain water.
I wasn't prepared for this but then I woke up to a call from the communication minister to join him for breakfast. It did surprise me, and there was no way I could deny it.

As I jumped out of my bed wondering how to conduct myself. Of course we would be discussing on the issue that I was supposed to write about but then I could not help thinking what I would be having. I would not mind a cup of tea but on second thoughts, I felt I should not let the opportunity go.

I was ready by quarter past nine and then my other worry was on how to reach to the minister's enclave. Lyonpo wanted to send a car to get me but then I said, I would manage. With lots of taxis around, commuting is not at all a problem. On that note;I also realized that I need to own a car. But before that, I need to learn driving. :-/

I will think about it later when I am done with the meeting.

Hurry up girl, the minister is waiting for you..

As I got inside the taxi and mentally hurried, I wasn't really sure why I got invited. It is probably something to do with the story but then who cares as long as I got the invitation.

"The first house on the right," said the security at the gate and I was nervous I was late. As I approached the entrance, two familiar faces greeted me and then at the door, my minister stood drinking a cup of black tea.

I had it, I thought to myself but then nothing happened. As he led me to the hall, I was still wondering if the rachu in my hand should be on my shoulders. I was still trying to figure out if it were a official or a formal meet.

Next, I found myself sipping tea with him discussing something very important until a young maid in her teens entered with two trays: it had puris, alu dum, omelette ( Just the way I like it)..for a moment, I did not think about my decade old vow and just attacked. It definitely tasted yummy but then with the minister just sitting next to me, I wanted to eat slowly.

Yes, but to the contrary, I found it very funny to see Lyonpo gobbling his share as quickly as possible. He probably had a meeting to attend. As I tried to match up with him, by the time he stood to wash his hands, I was left with one more puri and half the egg.

I was thinking I would leave that but then the minister insisted I carry on and his driver would drop me to office and then in half then a minute, he left in his prado.

As the maid came by with some more puris, I said, " I am done." As I looked around if I could catch a glimpse of the minister's wife and say hello ( who I hear is paralyzed), I realized maybe I should give up the idea and go to office.

Outside, the driver was waiting, as I got in the Bhutan Government Car, I wondered, "How would it have been, If my dad were a minister?" and I were to write something that would have affected him in someway.

I saw a conflict in me, If I should have really been. Would I be pursuing it?

Once, I reached office, I got my answers. After a brief talk with Lamsang, I felt it was better to do away with my story for good.

I am really happy with the decision we made, although I got the front page possibility after a long time. But I am sure, it is worth everything.

Nevertheless, for me, I can boast about it all my life about the quick date with a minister. :-)