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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adieu Granny

August 10, 3;19 pm

One minute to go and then three hours will pass since my granny breathed her last on this earth. If only we knew that it was the last of your days, we could have chatted long when we last met you online. You sat there patiently despite the pain that was eating through you all this while.

And now as she lies in her slumber surrounded by grieving family members, we are the ones missing. Of course, we are her family but then we just can't make it there.

My mom has lost her mother and she saw it all on the web cam. I know she is shattered but she is not showing it to us. God, please give her the strength to go through this pain.

Rest in Peace Grandmother! and forgive us that we could not be there. I know you understand the situation. We have always missed you though and will miss you for the times we live.
We never got to be with you but then we know how much you loved us. Thank you and you will always live in our memory. With you, our opportunity to call someone "Boju" is also gone.

Let the angels in the heaven guide you well and take care of you till we meet!