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Saturday, September 24, 2011

6 days after the earthquake

Waking up exactly after 6 days after the earth quake shook us off our souls, I lie on my bed and wonder what could have happened if the tremors lasted for some extra seconds.

Many of us here have been lucky and who do we really thank that we are still in one piece and peace unlike those who perished and are history. Of course at that speck of time, we did recite and surrender ourselves to the "terror". As the news flashed the aftermath of which we could have been a part, we could not stop thinking to ourselves " It could have been me".

That was quite an escape friends! and what followed next was the series of stories from the terrifying experience. We know onto ourselves how we felt and I would fail to put that in words if I were to express it.

Now that we all have got the taste of fear and death, I do not know how many of us will now be prepared for the worst. Today, a slightest roar or a movement instills a fear that its coming again. The other night, I was preparing myself for bed and then I felt the bed was shaky and I did not lose a second to rush to my parents room and alert them, but it was nothing. (I still do not know if the earth really shook but then it did scare me.)

I still cannot forget the horrified looks on the face of the people I saw seconds after the quake, Moreover, the relief that they safely made it outside their dwellings were a sign of victory. And having the chance to reunite with your family and friends and telling them how you voyaged the experience is the story that will last a life time.

That was something friends but I still cannot take my mind off the feeling, " Would I have been one of the survivors if the earth had shaken a bit longer?" Well, that is something which is left better unanswered.

And now with the predictions that it is going to happen again, I wonder, " Will we make it again?"