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Sunday, July 3, 2011

after all i am just a samsung corby

Confessions :

Choosing is a difficult business. I know this out of personal experience and observation. All sorts of people come here, and they gaze, stare, touch, and fiddle us before they make up their minds. To buy or not to buy.

It took a long time for her to decide. There were many of us – of all brands, colors and castes – on display. Me, I am a black Samsung Corby hunk. I do not blow my own trumpet but I feel I am a class apart, honestly.

The salesman had spread us out on the table. Her prying eyes went from me to others and back to me. I was excited. She was going to fall for me. And as I was sure, she picked me up. The salesman and I were both glad to part our ways. He would get his money (I fetched him some Nu 8,799, not so cheap huh!) and I, my freedom. After all it was getting into my nerves for having to wait all this time. And waiting, I say out of my personal experience, is another boring business!

Once home, she unwrapped me from the box and then took me in her hands as though I were a new born kitten. Before I realized she took the SIM from her old Nokia handset and tugged it in me. That was the time when I felt that she would take care of me for life. She carried me to all places and put me near her pillow when she slept. Who doesn’t love to be cared?

She would not let her brothers play games in me, yelling at them that my battery life would go down. She updated me with the fanciest wall paper and the latest call back tones. And as she held me in her hands, she would make sure she does not drop me.

But things started to change drastically after she saw her sister’s Nokia 5233. She compared and complained. She found me user unfriendly. Messaging was a difficult task for her. And then she wanted to exchange me with her sister’s phone. This came as a huge blow to my pride. Good, her sister bluntly denied the offer. I had never wanted to depart from her in anyways but who would have understood it. She was good as a care taker.

Almost one year has passed since she bought me. I have been doing a good job too. Sometimes, I hear her talking lovingly to some people and the very next moment, she will be arguing. At times, she forgets to carry me to work and then I lie under her pillow ringing miserably till the battery runs out.

Once charged, she uses me as a device to put her to sleep by playing music on me. I try my level best to fulfill all my purposes, consoling her when she is down and lonely. She fiddles with me at odd hours looking for something. She has dropped me mercilessly many a time but I promise to be by her side always. But in the past few days I have felt useless, after she was fascinated by her aunt’s apple iphone. I am sure she has been dreaming about it since then. One thing I have learnt from humans is that, it is difficult to keep them happy for long. I can only do so much, after all I am just a phone!