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Friday, June 24, 2011

Love the talk

Note: The piece is solely personal and does not bear resemblance to any living being and is truly unintentional.

I have always loved to hear Shania Twain's 'You are still the one." The songs pacifies my hallucinations powers and tells me a story of success in love and a happy ending.

Once in my true sense, I take it as a thing that happens only in the fairy tales and in the movies. The aftermath of the love stories are never shown in any of the representations that humans plot.
It does not mean that I am skeptic about hyped love stories.

I too have grown stirring butterflies in the stomach and going weak on my knees at the sight of the crush and getting attracted to the opposite sex. Little did I know that it was a momentary thing, then. I remember when I first heard of the word "Date" and I had googled it in my oxford dictionary. Although it sounded casual, it was something that excited any junior high school kid.

I had friends who were already dating by then and I wanted to do that too. The very description of it sounded cool and thrilling. Fortunately or unfortunately I never stood a chance until I reached High School. (But it has nothing to do with the post, therefore I am omitting it.)

The point of my post here is, today at this juncture of life, there are no signs of the butterflies or signs that tell me of being attracted to someone. It has become very important for me look into the other side of the coin before assuming feelings. Today, it means a long time commitment and choosing the right partner.

It no more means holding hands and promising the moon and the stars but is about being with someone who loves you the way you are, promises to love your family and welcome you to his. Living in a world that is changing rapidly and the turn of events, I feel things are meant to be this way.

Of course, it gives me a lot of pleasure when I hear about knots being tied and moving in together but next thing that strikes me is, " Will it work out the way we plan?" " What if it does not work?", Will I be ready to take all of that complications.

Fear, I guess is the correct word! I would not want to complicate anyone's life and wish the same for myself, All I dream of is a happy life and a good relationship. I would not mind a little bit of ups and downs but then I would always like to sing the song that I mentioned up and feel that way!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bardo, as we call it!

I seriously need to post something tonight before I run short of words again.

So what do I have in mind?

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my two editors and with all the nodding I did, I seriously feel that I should pen it down, before I forget. While they were busy talking, I wished it was talk show broadcast-ed live and there was an audience. I am sure it would have generated a lot of discussion and would have been fun!

The talk was about death ( Ata Tashi just lost his grandfather and that was from where the relevancy came). I happened to walk in and then was the part of the conversation. As I sat there listening and agreeing that death is the ultimatum and the way a person dies shows his life in brief.

I have always heard that, " Good people are called by God earlier than the bad ones," and I have no idea how true it can be. But then it does make a point.

While we spoke, we drifted to the aspects of how religion prepares a person for death. H0w different beliefs and teachings give hope to the human minds about the judgement day. We had a difference of opinion there, where some believe in rebirth, my faith does not talk about it.

Aby sir quoted " Now when the bardo of dharmata dawns upon me, I will abandon all thoughts of fear and terror, I will recognize whatever appears as my projection and know it to be a vision of the bardo" the Tibetan book of living and dying.

Aby said that whenever he hears of death anyone known or unknown, he recites these prayers so that the souls of the dead finds a way.

The death of the two BDFC staff and the farmers was up next( Attacked by a swarm of bees and the car fell off on the Gelephu -Zhemgang highway).
The question is how was it different for a person who is lying sick and knows that he is going to die and for a group who dies in an accident or a flight crash. Well, it definitely means that one has to be prepared at all times.

But we came to a conclusion that all religions; be it Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Muslim or any sect, they all preach and prepare us to die.

I found it very interesting when Ata said, " I envy when people say they enjoy travelling." " I can never enjoy travelling ! " The whole time I think about reaching my destination rather than enjoying the travel and the scenery," he added. This was his concept about life too.

He said likewise we people worry about getting there and fail to see the beautiful things in life. How true, I thought! This are the very things that make up your life and lay down opportunities for you do some good deeds or Karma.

" A person who knows how his stay on earth, knows how to live it," he acclaimed.

Death seems to stir thoughts in our minds and unless it happens to someone close, I guess we cannot really feel the pinching.

As I kept nodding my head in approval, thoughts were flashing in my mind.I sat there reflecting on all my deeds and somehow felt lightened that my faith in Christ does not allow me to think that I will be reborn as cow or a human being. A simple confession and repentance will lift it all and then I go back to dust where I came from.