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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My trip to Phuentsholing

It feels good to be back in the office with the team but then I have suddenly realized it is more exciting to be on your own. I had heard from my editors " The bureau experience is the best for a reporter' and as a part of the plan, I was sent to Phuentsholing to cover the Thrompen elections.

I must confess, that I was not very confident at first but then I was there in this city clueless. It was such a relieve that I had sat with my editors and discussed some of the angles before I left and had a plan.

I would like to go more into the details of the elections in my next post; this one is going to be a nutshell of my 20 day stay in Phuentsholing.

I was of course very happy to have escaped the cold Thimphu weather and to enjoy the warm air. And to add to that, I had plenty of vegetable momo(s) and Pani puris to keep me going till I get back to the town again.

I am already wishing, I find a place soon and then I can shift there permanently. I am so in love with the place. Born and brought up here in the capital, I always felt, Thimphu was the best place to be but then I contradict it now as a reporter.

I want to be in Phuentsholing; there is so much happening down there and I have a feeling that I can do better from there. My editors are quite happy with my two weeks reporting from there and it means so much to me.

Aby sir congratulated me for my sense of photography: It feels good.

Earlier, I used to feel, I would let them down but my experiences from the place now boosts my eagerness to go down and start our first bureau office there. I anticipate that it is going to be the best experience for as a reporter to be on the field; reporting, interacting and travelling.

I wish there are many things unexplored and I can be a part of the findings. I wish I can be a voice for the people and get interesting facts. Moreover, bring out the best in me and my paper.

I plan to take it up as challenge against myself!!!

P:S- I hope I did not ask for too much :-)