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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Everybody is paired up ----except me, of course. All my friends are in relationships. Lately, I've felt like maybe I should just go out and find somebody, anybody.

Some of my friends are thinking about getting married or at least getting serious with someone. That's one reason why Sh and I broke up recently. I just knew he wasn't the one for me. Now He's with someone else! Even though Sh and I weren't right for each other, for a while there, I really wanted him back.

I feel lonely sometimes. There is practically nobody to hang out with. Everybody's out with their " Significant others." Today I prayed , " God, when are you going to send somebody my way? I' m tired of being alone.

During my quiet time yesterday, I read about Elijah. He was pretty depressed at one point. He must've felt lonely. I can relate. You know what I like about his story? The fact that God didn't just tell Elijah," Suck it up! Quit feeling sorry for yourself!" Instead he showed himself to Elijah and reminded him that he was with him.

God has been helping me not to focus on how lonely I feel. For one thing, he is still here. He is also helping me not to settle for something thats " almost right" just to be paired up like everybody else.